Thomas J Wolf, firewalkingat an event run by his company Fehu Training,Glasgow West End








Firewalking is to some people considered an extreme form of spirituality along with arrow breaking and other methods of radical change. But it has a long proud tradition, in fact part of the reason I lived on the Plains of Thrace in Bulgaria for 10 years was its connection to this spirituality. They have an unbroken firewalking rituals, from over 2000 years ago and still practice to this day, that I have attended many times.


You are dealing with a primeval fear and overcoming the seeming impossible, I myself have walked on fires over 30 feet long many times, this scientists tell you is impossible. But do not worry we do not get you to walk that far, but most of our fires are around 10 – 12 feet more than enough to make a change to your world view forever. Why not check out the video below of a charity Firewalk we organized a few years ago.


At Fehu Training we can put together an event as individual as you:


Maybe you want to celebrate a birthday or event uniquely, this will give you a day to remember


It could be you want a unique spiritual experience, we can discuss this with you, we have a lot of experience and can definitely arrange it to your needs


As a group or charity, you are always looking for a wait to raise money differently, get interest from the press for your event and charity comes easier with such a visual and exciting method. We arrange special deals with registered Charities, please contact us for information.


The event will be run by myself and another professional Firewalk Instructor, both of us with 12 years experience of running events safely all over the world. Both trained with Sundoor, under Peggy Dylan, the world’s foremost authorities on firewalking and firewalk instruction.


Lighting the Path of Change



To Book a Firewalk go to Appointments,
Please be aware minimum of 20 participants, unless otherwise prearranged and there are
discounts for registered Charities.
£75 per participant and
the person who arranges it gets a free Firewalk,
this includes arrow breaking in the price.





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