One of the things that surprises most people is that everyone has experienced hypnosis already in the everyday life. Have you ever walked or driven to a place you know well and on arriving cannot remember anything about the journey, that is trance, same as hypnosis.


So I hope that answers the question can you be hypnotised, you already have been, also same as on that journey, part of your mind stays awake, watching over you. If a fire started or any other threat while you where under trance, chances are you would react and be out of the door quicker than me, you are always in control.


Hypnotism is now proven to be of great value in therapeutic work, having been used now for over a century. The various techniques in hypnosis such as Hypnoanalysis which is psychoanalysis on steroids all the way to past life regression and many things between. Often the thing stopping us getting well is our conscious minds, with hypnosis we can put that into trance and deal directly with the subconscious to make real and lasting changes.


One of the often overlooked benefits of hypnosis is as an aid to business, in business you often have a desire for improvement and might not have the time to deal with this properly. Hypnosis is fast and effective solution to stress, public speaking fears, focus and many more things.


Mindfulness is a creating a buzz at the moment, the Buddhist meditation technique while being secular is gaining a wider audience and acceptance. How would you like to feel those benefits, maybe you do not have time to spend months learning the techniques after busy business day, why not find out more about how hypnosis can speed up this process and give you access to deep focus without the long time investment.


Basically hypnosis can be used in all aspects of life, business and even sports are using Hypnotherapist more and more. Why not contact us for more information or to make an appointment.




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