Hypnosis FAQ



1/ No this is down to Hollywood created images of hypnotists. You will be in a state of trance, for most treatments you will not need be taken that deep. So you will be aware of everything happening around you, but will feel so relaxed that unless you are told something you disagree with , you will just go along with it. It is probably best described as similar to how you feel if you have every meditated, relaxing and very enjoyable state to be in.


2/ If I had a pound for every time I was asked this I could retire tomorrow, if anyone knows which hypnotist got someone to do this let me know on Facebook as really interested, it will clear this up for all us hypnotists, yes it is asked of us all everywhere it seems.


3/ Not at all you will always be aware of what is being said to you and at any time can come out of trance, you can be made to do anything you do not want to. This is also the reason why we tell you at the start that you must want to change in order for real change to happen to you, you are part of the solution.


4/ I have never come across anyone who could not be hypnotized, but if you want to fight it then you will not going into trance. But what would be the point, unless you have a mental illness or some other reason why you cannot focus your attention for more than a few minutes, then Hypnosis is a natural state that you have experienced many times before, such as when driving or walking somewhere you know well and you get there and cannot remember the journey. It is a natural state, all I am doing is speeding up the process to allow you to access the state we can make positive changes to your life, easily and quickly.


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