Regression Therapy

regression therapy crossraods to past lives


Regression Therapy is a unique experience that can offer many things, insight into past lives, help with problems brought over into this life and basically just being interested in finding out about your past life. All these are valid reasons for Regression Therapy or just Past Life Regression as some people prefer to call it, it is fun and exciting and can be a real eye opener sometimes for people.


There are a few misconceptions about Regression Therapy, I will try and answer the most common ones here.


A – In my many years of regressing people I have never met her, the men and woman who come to me have experienced many varied lives, from very humble peasants to relative high standing in society. The problem with the fakes is normally down to the Hypnotherapist, either through lack of knowledge and experience or having some agenda, they lead the client while they are in trance, distorted the experience and making it worthless.


No you are not, in Regression Therapy, you are the deciding factor, I have only once or tice found someone who just could not go deep enough or was too scared to let go that had this problem, but it can happen. But two out of hundreds means it is pretty rare, but some people can be not visual, so when Regressed to a Past life, they do not see but hear or feel the experience instead.


It is helpful if you do and as we record the session for you (This is sent to you later or can be put on a disc at no charge) it would make for a boring recording. But if this is an issue we can set up a different form of communication and leave you free to experience your Past Life privately.


Everybody I have done it to has enjoyed the experience and many have explored more than one past life. Depending on your ability to access deep hypnosis we can sometimes explore more than one past life in a single one hour session.


You can get many things from Regression therapy and as an experienced hypnotist I will endeavor to help you get the most from your sessions, be it for healing issues in your life or just for some fun and exploration.


The cost of the Regression Therapy sessions can be part of a multi mixed session discount of 5 or 10 sessions





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