Shamanic Hypnosis


 Northern European Shamanic Tradition using Shamanic Hypnosis




The link between Shamanism of all kinds and Hypnosis is as old as time, in fact many of the techniques of Hypnosis come from Shamanism itself, so to me it was a no brainer to combine the two together in the form of Shamanic Hypnotism. I have studied various forms of Shamanism since my teens and that actually led to me learning Hypnosis, much later getting a formal qualification and become a therapist.


So with not having the structure or restrictions in my early Hypnosis development I explored the crossovers, trance which all Shamans use to heal, pathwork and work with spirits is to all extent very similar to Hypnosis.


I now use it mainly in two ways, firstly as part of the healing process with clients, I can use various techniques while the person is in trance and it proves very effective and helps speed up change for the client. Like most shamans I adapt the techniques I use for the individual and what they can relate to or react well too.


Secondly I use Shamanic Hypnotism to help people on their spiritual or personal development journey. This is not instead of traditional methods but as a jump start, to be a Shaman you must put in the practise and that takes time. But in the early days when getting into trance or connecting with guides or spirits is difficult.


I can help, with my techniques of Shamanic Hypnosis I can guide you and help anchor those connections in you safely and quickly. I emphasis safely as you need an experienced Shaman to guide you and help make sure you have a good grounding for future work on your own.


There is no better way than my Shamanic Hypnosis, my introduction to Shamanism, is compatable with  all forms of Shamanism, not just my Northern European Shamanic Tradition and will get you past months or sometimes years of trial and error in a matter of weeks.


I will cover trance work, meeting guides, power animals, setting up safe place and many other things. This is a good grounding and when you feel ready you can talk to me about doing more in depth Shamanic Hypnotism related to the particular tradition you follow. I myself have worked all over the world and with some greater teachers, so have a wide experience of many different paths, if I know nothing about your path I am sure I will be able to guide you to a Shaman from your path that can help you.


Introduction to Shamanism using 5 Shamanic Hypnosis Sessions is bookable on here for the full course, please enquire.







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