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Thomas Wolf lives in the moment, but his training and experience spans two different worlds from the modern to the ancient. With over two decades in sales as a trainer and manager, Thomas developed and taught numerous training courses and workshops that covered topics from sales to understanding body language.


His modern understanding of human nature informs his studies and practice into the ancient: for over 30 years Thomas studied Shamanism both locally and abroad. Specifically, and most closely attuned to his own nature, is the Shamanic heritage known as Northern European Shamanic Tradition, the shamanic practices of all Northern Europe and Britain. Thomas has not only studied and practiced this highly regarded tradition, but teaches others who’ve arrived at the same path and need a little guidance along the way.


These two worlds—ancient and modern—coalesced for Thomas when he began his formal training as a hypnotherapist at the beginning of the 21st century. He trained at one of the most highly regarded and oldest hypnotherapy associations in the world: The World Federation of Hypnotherapists.


Still a member to this day, Thomas has enjoyed adding to his skill set over the years, and most recently counts Glasgow’s own well-known and highly-lauded therapist, Mr. Ali Campbell, as a mentor. Among Thomas’ specialties are Regression Hypnosis, NLP, psycholinguistics, path-working, and various forms of energy techniques such as Reiki.


Now Thomas is giving back, and in recent years, he’s combined shamanic training and practice with hypnotherapy skills in order to create a unique and successful way quickly and effectively to help people.



Hypnosis – M.W.F.H., M.B.A.Th.H ( World Federation of Hypnotherapists)


Past Life Therapist Association – M.P.L.T.A.


Firewalk Instructor and Spiritual Leader Training ( Sundoor – School of Transpersonal Eduction)


Hypnotherapy – Turned Inside Out ( Ali Campbell)


Life Coaching – Life Changing (Ali Campbell)


Hypno-Band Practitioner


I have more than 20 years of other courses, too many too list in shamanism and hypnosis.







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