What is Hypnoband therapy, it is a cost effective, safe and highly respected Hypnotic alternative to Gastric Band Surgery that we are always hearing about in the papers. Surgery is very expensive on average £5000 and £7000, with long healing period and involves some scarring.


People think gastric band surgery is an easy answer, but they forget it is major surgery and like all surgery there are risks, these are emphasized by you already being overweight. Here are some of the risks even with a good surgeon.



General Anaesthetic and the complications that can cause.

Migration of the actual Gastric Band


The band can leak

Inflamation of the stomach



 Why take risks that are not needed, with a professional Hypnotherapist such as myself trained in the Hypnoband technique, you can have all the benefits without any pain or risk, it is completely safe and has been used thousands of times all over the world.


With Hypnoband you have a virtual gastric band fitted, that helps convince you that your stomach is now smaller with less room for excess food. We then deal with the emotional issues behind the overeating using a variety of techniques to reinforce the change in behaviour and really embed the positive results for long lasting change.


Hypnoband involves 4 hypnotic sessions, I normally do the first three either one a week or bimonthly, followed by your final appointment a month later. We will take a full history and background and give you ongoing guidance for your treatment, with an mp3 or disc for you to take home for support between sessions.



Questions about Hypnoband:


What is difference between Hypnoband and normal hypnosis?


Hypnoband is aimed specifically at people with a BMI of over 25, it gets great results with people wanting to lose larger amounts of weight. Please check out your BMI below.


What else is involved from me with weight loss in the Hypnoband system?


You only need two things one is a commitment to finally really want to lose weight and the second is start your journey now, book the appointment and turn up to each of the 4 hour long.






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